1" x 100' Blue-Stripe Poly Tubing Mainline by Toro-Ag.

1" x 100' Blue-Stripe Poly Tubing Mainline by Toro-Ag.
  • Rolls of Blue-Stripe Poly Tubing
  • Blue Stripe Poly by Toro Ag
  • 3/4" and 1/2" Poly Tubing
POL010 100
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1" x 100'   Blue Stripe® Poly Tubing -- Main Line Hose 

         Blue Stripe® Poly Tubing is a signature of Toro Ag's high quality irrigation tubing.   Blue Stripe is durable and long-lasting.  Drive over these tubings without damage!   Linear, low density polyethylene hose manufactured from the highest grade of polyethylene resins.  Large diameters provide a cost-effective alternative to flexible and rigid PVC and Layflat main or submain lines.


  • 26 mm    ID  1.06 inches    Wall Inch: .067
  • Max GPM:  12   
  • PSI:    53 lbs
  • Can ship by Standard UPS or Freight
  • Alternate Length is 250' or 660'   (660' Roll can only ship by Pallet - Freight)
  • 1" is still a round poly tubing.
  • Sizes 1 1/2" and up are Flat (aka FLATUBE) or  Oval Hose Poly

Long lasting --  Can be run over with your Tractor or Truck.   Just not the BushHog :-)

Click Here for a Chart showing Exact Dimensions & Specs


  • Used in demanding applications worldwide
  • Provides unsurpassed toughness and dependability
  • Multiple working pressures, sizes, coil lengths and colors.
  • Blue Stripe of quality backed by Toro

Ask for design help if you are not sure what size Mainline you need for your irrigation system.      One way to choose:

Under 5 GPM 1/2"
5-8 GPM 3/4"
8-12 GPM 1"


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