1.25 Mil * GREEN * Embossed Plastic Mulch 60"

1.25 Mil * GREEN * Embossed Plastic Mulch 60"
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Al-Or Green Plastic is recommended for earliest spring crops, it raises the temperature more than the black plastic while supressing weed growth.    We carry  1.25 mil green plastic.

The 1.25 mil is little thicker and gives you added protection when laying plastic on poor soil conditions.  It's also common for double cropping or longer crops such as strawberries.

These films combine two properties – radiation transference in the NIR range, which contributes to the heating of the soil, and radiation blocking in the PAR range, which reduces weed germination in a similar manner to opaque films.

These films are especially suitable for crops that grow in autumn, winter and early spring and in areas prone to weed growth.


Embossed Plastic Mulch resists tearing, flapping in the wind and expanding on sunny days. (Choose 48" or  60")  


How is this Plastic Mulch made ?     We carry a Cast (embossed) plastic mulch.  The cast production method involves embossing while the material is hot, therby changing the surface of the sheeting and endowing it with greater flexibility, softness and strength.  

The process allows better adherence of the sheeting to the soil surface, and is particularl suitable for crops grown on raised beds.


What is Embossed Plastic Mulch?

Embossed plastic has visible diamond patterns on the surface, which give the plastic a wrinkled appearance. This mulch is generally more resistant to damage due to punctures, wind fatigue and cracking than non-embossed mulches.  The 'diamonds' are extra protection and make the plastic stronger.  Slick Plastic will generally not hold up as well.


Most common agricultural mulches include black, white and white on black, which may be used with either side facing upward, depending on the specific need. Clear mulch is used when most rapid soil warming is needed, but weeds will grow below it, thereby limiting its usefulness. White mulch reflects solar radiation and is used where soil cooling is desired, such as establishing fall crops during the heat of summer. Research has shown that white or aluminum reflective mulch also repels aphids, which spread some virus diseases in vine crops such as squash. Various other colors of mulch may affect plant growth in a positive way.


Made by Ginegar

Ginegar Plastics Products Ltd. is Isreal's largest producer and developer of cover films for agricultural applications.  They export to over 60 Countries.  We have been purchasing their plastic since 2015 and trust their product!

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