5/3mm Micro Tubing by Netafim (Cut-Lengths)

5/3mm Micro Tubing by Netafim (Cut-Lengths)
  • Hanging Basket Tubing
  • MOD multiple outlets tubing
15FPEW53 CUT 50
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  • Netafim's Superflex Tubing is made from the highest quality plastics with superior UV resistance.
  • The White-Grey color tubing keeps the water (thus your plants) cooler and is opaque to prevent algae growth!
  • Sold in many different lengths or purchase an entire roll of 1,000 feet to DIY!


A soft, 4/7mm or 5/3mm tubing with improved flexibility and all the advantages of PE tubing - UV resistant, completely opaque to prevent algae growth and able to withstand heat and harsh chemicals. The 4/7mm tubing is used with all sprinkler, mister and fogger assemblies and the 5/3mm tubing is used with all dripper and spray stake assemblies. You can purchase pre-cut lengths of 5/3mm tubing. Both sizes are available in 1,000' coil lengths.

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