3/4" Pressure-Master Regulators #PMR (Pipe Threads) by Senninger in Various Flows

3/4"  Pressure-Master Regulators #PMR  (Pipe Threads) by Senninger in Various Flows
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Pressure Regulators are placed as close to the field as possible. They are used to prevent damage to the drip irrigation system or to hold the pressures at the ideal operating pressure.

Note: The Regulator must match the flow and pressure of your drip system. Please ask us when you need help making these decisions!

Senninger’s Medium Flow Pressure-Master Regulator is ideal for installations requiring mid-range flows including solid set, drip or other low volume irrigation as well as center pivot and other mechanical-move systems. Each regulator maintains a constant preset outlet pressure based on its flow / inlet pressure. (Note: With no flow through the regulator, the inlet and outlet pressures will be the same.)

Also, see our MANIFOLDS for Pressure Reducers built in with Tees and Valves!


• 100% water tested for accuracy
• Can be installed above or below ground
• Maximum flow path resists plugging
• Very low hysteresis and friction loss
• Pressures: 6-60 psi (0.41-4.14 bar)

• Flows: 2 – 20 gpm (454 – 4543 L/hr)
• Inlet sizes: 3/4” F NPT, 1” F NPT, 1” F BSPT
• Outlet sizes: 3/4” F NPT, 1” F NPT, 1” F BSPT
• Backed by 2-year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance

Senninger introduced the first high-quality in-line pressure regulator to the irrigation industry in 1966. Over the years these black and white regulators have become known for their reliable performance.

With a wide range of pressure and flows, they can meet a variety of installation needs. Each is built for strength and durability using high-impact engineering grade thermoplastics.


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