Dual Dial Hose Faucet Freedom Timer from Orbit 62040

Dual Dial Hose Faucet Freedom Timer from Orbit 62040
  • Timer on Spigot for porch watering system
  • window box kit with timer
  • Orbit Timer
  • Timers great for hanging basket kits
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Automatic Hose Faucet timer is battery-operated and has two dials for start time and watering duration. It easy installs on to any standard outdoor faucet and has 10 watering intervals from 2 hours to once a week.

This timers allows you to set it and it will do the watering for you. The Start Interval Dial allows ten watering interval options from every 2 hours to once per week. The Duration Dial allows eight watering duration optionsfrom 2 to 120 minutes. It is easy to install and works with any standard hose faucet or hose.

  • Automatic operation conserves water
  • One button sets time of day, one button sets watering time
  • One dial controls watering interval, one dial controls watering duration
  • Select any of 10 watering intervals to water from every 2 hours to once per week

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