8 Mil Lightweight 5/8" AquaTraxx Drip Tape (7,500' Roll) - Light to medium soils and 1-Season Crops.

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8 Mil Drip Tape is a lightweight Drip Tape. Best used on Medium Soils and on one-season crops.

**  508-12-450 is the most popular Drip Irrigation Tape used by Farmers. 

** 508-04-134,  4" Spacing is used by Cut Flower and Greenhouse Growers 


FAQ:  How much drip tape can I run at one time on a garden hose?    How much water is this putting out?

The Flow of your drip tape is the 3rd set of numbers in the Model #.  This number is stated in GPM per every 100' of tape that you run.

EXAMPLE:  EA5081245-7500   This tape puts out .45 gpm for every 100 feet that you run.   OR  4.5 gpm for every 1,000' of tape that you run.

TRY IT :     --- I have 12 gpm of water coming out of your garden hose at the field/plot.   Therefore, I can run 2,666 feet of drip tape at one time.  (MATH: 12 divided by .45= 26.666   x 100 feet = 2,666 feet)

--- I have 14 gpm of water  "   "    " ...    Therefore, I can run 3,111 feet of drip tape at one time.

Take your Flow  (.22, .34, .45, .67, 1.34 and divide it into your GPM.  Multiply that # x 100 feet.

How do you figure your GPM ?   Take your garden hose close to your garden plot or field.  Run it for approx 2 minutes.   Then time yourself filling up a 5 gpm.  How long did it take? 30 seconds would mean you roughly have 10 gpm.


Drip Tape needs 6 PSI to work properly; and not more than 12 PSI or it will split.

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