15 Mil Heavy Weight 5/8" AquaTraxx Drip Tape. (4,000' Roll) For Tougher Soils; Re-Use in Gardens; or Longer Crops..

15 Mil Heavy Weight 5/8" AquaTraxx Drip Tape. (4,000' Roll) For Tougher Soils; Re-Use in Gardens; or Longer Crops..
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Premium 5/8" Drip Tape with Unmatched Precision

15 Mil AquaTraxx Drip Tape   4,000 Foot Rolls



15 Mil Drip Tape is a heavier, thicker Drip Tape.   This is the Drip Tape that we use in our Garden Kits when you desire to re-use the drip tape.   15 Mil can be rolled up and reused for 3-5 years.   Or you may wish to put it down and leave it for several years.   It will last longer and have fewer problems if you cover it with an inch or two of mulch or soil.


For the standard farmer, this is the best option when the soil is very rocky or when you need a tougher irrigation tape.

Great for Brambles, Vines, Asparagus (more permanent crops).  

DID YOU KNOW??    Adding drip irrigation to a new crop will produce fruit a full year sooner than without drip.

  • Superior precision, uniformity, durability, and plugging resistance
  • Seamless construction provides maximum strength
  • Blue Stripes for signature of quality -Blue stripes “up” also ensures proper outlet placement
  • Enhanced turbulent flow path -Better uniformity with reduced clogging
  • Highly resistant to plugging due to multiple inlet filters  :    8" Spacing has 64 filter inlets per outlet. -12” spacing has 200 filter inlets per outlet
  • Best-In-Class coefficient of variation (Cv's) – below 3%
  • Laser slit outlet eliminates startup plugging and impedes root intrusion
  • Precision performance -An incredibly precise flow path molding process results in excellent Cv’s. 
  • Ultra-high strength and durability -Strength and flexibility mean easy installation, time and labor savings, and significantly reduced chances of damage.
  • No more split seams and unglued overlaps, ensuring reliability. 

Use our Standard 5/8" Drip Tape Fittings along with Poly Mainline Header Tubing.


FAQ:  How much drip tape can I run at one time on a garden hose?    How much water is this putting out?

The Flow of your drip tape is the 3rd set of numbers in the Model #.  This number is stated in GPM per every 100' of tape that you run.

EXAMPLE:  EA5081245-7500   This tape puts out .45 gpm for every 100 feet that you run.   OR  4.5 gpm for every 1,000' of tape that you run.

TRY IT :     --- I have 12 gpm of water coming out of your garden hose at the field/plot.   Therefore, I can run 2,666 feet of drip tape at one time.  (MATH: 12 divided by .45= 26.666   x 100 feet = 2,666 feet)

--- I have 14 gpm of water  "   "    " ...    Therefore, I can run 3,111 feet of drip tape at one time.

Take your Flow  (.22, .34, .45, .67, 1.34 and divide it into your GPM.  Multiply that # x 100 feet.

How do you figure your GPM ?   Take your garden hose close to your garden plot or field.  Run it for approx 2 minutes.   Then time yourself filling up a 5 gpm.  How long did it take? 30 seconds would mean you roughly have 10 gpm.


Drip Tape needs 6 PSI to work properly; and not more than 12 PSI or it will split.

Customer Reviews

  • Author: J Pearson, Tennessee
    I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to purchase from a company like yours. I looked at your website, found a product I wanted to try, 4000 ft 15 mil drip tape kit, and purchased it last week. You even called me to suggest a way to save on shipping.

    I received the product in 3 days. My son and I found the product to be as ordered. The installation was very simple, almost too good to be true! The product is working great and several neighbors have asked where to purchase one. Of course I gave them your website.

    Thank you for the great product and fabulous service.