Edger with One Roller (Choose 4", 6", 12" or 18") - Apply Herbicides Safely Between Rows

Edger with One Roller (Choose 4", 6", 12" or 18") - Apply Herbicides Safely Between Rows
  • Jon is applying Round-Up to tall grass in our garden
  • Back View of Weed Roller
EDGER With 4" Roller
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Rolling Edger helps you to apply Herbicides safely between your rows!

  • One Roller is included!  (Choose 4", 6", 12"or 18")
  • Safely Apply Herbicides
  • Wind is no longer a deterrent to getting your applications done!
  • These were developed by growers in the windy mid-west
  • Easily swap out the other size rollers 4", 6", 12", 18" !  Use one around your blueberries and a wider one in between vegetable rows.
  • Made in the USA~

FAQ's About this Product:

1. Will Roundup work in them?

Roundup works great in all of the models.  The zero drifting you get with DANVILLE will apply Roundup exactly where the roller has been – nowhere else.


2. How long will the roller last?

A college university reported well over 900 acres with a DEX 72 Model before a replacement roller was needed.


 3. What happens if I roll over a dirt area with it?  Won’t the roller get covered with dirt?

The roller can be completely covered with dirt, and as soon as you get back on the grass, the water from the manifolds shooting onto the roller removes mud and debris from the roller very quickly so dirt is not a problem.


 4. How many square feet will the DANVILLE cover before refilling?

All units apply one gallon of chemical to 1,000 sq. ft.  This is just at an average walking speed, which is 2.5 miles per hour.  If you travel 5 mph, just double the amount of chemical.  This gives you place to start calibrating the amount of chemical that you need to use for your particular application.


5. Can I take the roller off if I have a lot of debris to go over, such as tree wind breaks?

Yes, and you will still get an excellent application.  Try it!

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