IIRI-1" Smartphone Operated Irrigation Controller by Baccara. Battery Powered

IIRI-1" Smartphone Operated Irrigation Controller by Baccara. Battery Powered
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II.RI Controller using Bluetooth
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Bacarra's II.RI Controller using Bluetooth Phone technology.  Automatic shutoff on low battery mode.

*Valve is not included*

Universal (3/4″ UNEF).  Fits right on your 3/4" & larger standard valves!    Robust and waterproof!    

Guaranteed 3 year battery life, simple battery replacement.

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FEATURES   • Single station Irrigation Controller • Wireless operated by smart device

  • Four irrigation program types • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 device • Minimum required iOS 7 or Android V4.3 • Battery included
  • Minimum 10 Second duration.  
  • Up to 6 Cycles per day.    Option: for each cycle, you may have a different duration!
  • The App comes with ready-to-use plans!  Or develop your own!
  • Easy to set - lots of flexibility!   Interval Days; Even/ Odd Days are all options.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 -- No Pairing Code needed



  • The ii.ri smartphone irrigation controller features four different built-in plans that address most of the automatic irrigation needs
  • Programming the ii.ri is simple and intuitive, nevertheless it requires a little know-how in order to familiarize yourself with it
  • It is recommended to define the irrigation areas before starting the programming process
  • The ii.ri can actuate one valve each time, therefore, one controller would be used for each irrigation area.
  • There is no need to connect the ii.ri to the smartphone during the programming process.
  • The irrigation specifications depends on the type of field crops, flowers, trees, etc and may vary depending on the seasons.
  • The ii.ri it is self-energized by an internal battery and does not require any additional wiring or power supply.
  • The ii.ri app must be installed and running on the smartphone

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