Call to Order ** Mini 2400 Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Laying Equipment lays 4' Plastic.

Call to Order **   Mini 2400 Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Laying Equipment lays 4' Plastic.
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MUL 2400
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    The above is the base price. You must choose between a Single or Double Drip Attachment. Adding a Center Bed Filler will give you a fuller, compacted bed.
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    This Price is the Base Price. You must add a Single or Double Drip Attachment. Add the CBF (Center Bed Filler) if desired.

    • Will lay 4' plastic with 58" row spacing
    • Adjustable bed height from 3" to 5"
    • Requires minimum 40-hp with 4-wheel drive
    • Water tank to adjust weight to match tractor size
    • Compact machine for high tunnels.
    • Adjustable tension brake on plastic roll carriers
    • Replaceable, reversible plow share 3/8" & 1/2" UHMW poly lined bed press
    • Category I and II, 3-point hitch.

    The Mini Layer has the adjustable bed height feature. (Please note, you have to adjust several things each time that you adjust.)

    The CENTER BED FILLER is good for heavier soils.  It helps to move more soil to the center of the bed. . 

    The RB Mulch Layer and the Mini 2400 Layers are popular for High Tunnels because of their size.  The RB machine does have a closer row spacing if you are looking to maximimze space or your tunnel is narrow.

    For very tight turns and right up against fences, we recommend the RB-448 or RB-436 Compact Machine.

    This machine makes flat top beds.   ** The Crowned Bed Feature is not available on this machine.


    ------Must Ship on a Pallet ----- Lift Gates are additional if you cannot unload the pallet yoursefl. ------ Must be on site at time of delivery in order to inspect and sign for delivery.

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