Mini 2470 Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Layer (Must call to order)

Mini 2470 Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Layer (Must call to order)
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MUL 2470
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    Mini Layer 2400 (Add Options Below)

    The above is the base price. You must choose between a Single or Double Drip Attachment. Adding a Center Bed Filler will give you a fuller, compacted bed.
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         SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED * Please Call to Order This Equipment *  1 800 345 3747

    Standard Features

    • Will Lay 4’ Plastic w/ 56” Minimum Row Spacing
    • Adjustable 3” – 5” Bed Height
    • Requires Minimum 40 HP w/ 4-Wheel Drive Tractor
    • Adjustable Weight w/ Water Tank for Firmer Press Bed
    • Compact Machine for High Tunnels & Small Tractors
    • Adjustable Tension Brake on Plastic Roll Carriers
    • Replaceable, Reversible Plow Shares
    • ⅜” & ½” UHMW Poly Lined Bed Press
    • Category I & II 3-Point Hitch


    • Optional Single or Double Drip Attachment
    • Optional Center Fillers for Heavy Soils

    For very tight turns and right up against fences, we recommend the RB-448 or RB-436 Compact Machine.

    This machine makes flat top beds.   ** The Crowned Bed Feature is not available on this machine.


    ------Must Ship on a Pallet ----- A liftgate can't be used for this peice of equipment. Many of our customers who can't unload it themselves have it shipped to a local farmstore that can unload it for them. ------ Must be on site at time of delivery in order to inspect and sign for delivery.  *** Freight not included in pricing.

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