Pressure Regulators by Netafim. 3/4" up to 3" in Size. Plastic and Brass Regulators

Pressure Regulators by Netafim. 3/4" up to 3" in Size.  Plastic and Brass Regulators
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Netafim Pressure Regulators are manufactured with non-corrosive, high quality plastic and brass materials that withstand all fertilizers and chemicals in common use providing years of trouble-free operation. The one-piece sealed regulating unit - different for each pressure option - is field replaceable and easy to maintain.


  • 3/4" Low Flow is an in-line unit with female threaded connections, silicon diaphragm for no leakage and is sealed to regulate accurately at low flows.
  • Provides instant response to variations in pressure assuring that outlet pressure will remain constant regardless of inlet pressure.
  • Preset with flows from .25 to 175 GPM.
  • Regulating unit has stainless steel spring and screw and EPDM rubber diaphragm creating a tight seal eliminating leakage.
  • The rise versus the decline in outlet pressure has significantly decreased ensuring better hydraulic performance.
  • Built-in operating indicator visually shows when proper outlet pressure is achieved.

For Replacement Unit (Springs):


Pressure Regulating Unit Features:

  • Quick and simple to change pressures
  • One-piece sealed pressure regulating unit for each pressure option
  • Pressure regulator body remains the same
  • No spring colors to remember

Example :

  • Given Flow Rate = 63 GPMNominal Required Pressure = 20 psi
  • Using Pressure Regulator Model 2” x 6 will result in 10.5 GPM per regulating unit.
  • 10.5 GPM per regulating unit will result in an output pressure of 18 psi. (See chart at right)
  • Headloss of 2” x 6 Pressure Regulator at 63 GPM is 5 psi. (See chart at left)
  • Design pressure at inlet of Pressure Regulator should be 18 + 5 = 23 psi

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