Replacement Screens for Spin Clean Filters by Jain.

Replacement Screens for Spin Clean Filters by Jain.
  • Spin Clean manual filters
  • Spin Clean Replacement Screen
API 12140036
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Manufactured by Jain Irrigation, these Stainless Steel Screens are trusted even under the most severe conditions.   These are most commonly used along with Drip Irrigation Systems.

  • Red Screens are 200 Mesh.
  • Black Screens are 150 Mesh.   **(Black 150 Mesh is the most commonly used in Drip Irrigation Systems)
  • Blue Screens are 100 Mesh.
  • Yellow Screens are 50 Mesh.
  • Orange Screens are 30 Mesh 
  • ‚Äč** 3/4" and 1" are 5.25 inches Long.   Prior to 2003, these were 6.25 inches long.   You must call to order the older style screens.

Plastic Spin-Clean® Filters are designed to use a directional nozzle plate on the interior of the stainless steel screen. The spinning action keeps the debris in suspension to collect any discharge in the basin.

• Plastic construction is light in weight and chemical resistant
• Unique Spin-Clean® centrifugal action keeps screen clean far longer than any conventional screen filter of the same size, greatly extending service intervals
• Two-piece threaded housing with O-ring seal for easy maintenance

Filter Size Equivalents  (approximate calculations)

200 0.2 75
180 0.18 80
150 0.15 100
130 0.13 120
100 0.1 150
100 0.1 155
80 0.08 200
50 0.05 300


150 Mesh is the Standard.   We recommend at least a 100 Mesh.   Not all Mesh Sizes are in stock.


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