Semi-Auto Stainless Steel Flow-Guard Vertical Media Filters (One Set) by Fresno

Semi-Auto Stainless Steel Flow-Guard Vertical Media Filters (One Set) by Fresno
  • On trailer
  • We can provide the full system on a trailer for you.
  • An NRCS system.
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Fresno Flow Guard Stainless Steel Media Filters with Semi Automatic Backflush set the standard for all filters. Commonly these filters are used to clean out contaminates from surface water because they are the best way to remove biologicals.

However they also provide excilent filtration for wells plagued with sand. Flow Guard filters clean themselves by directing water into the top othe filter and through a bed of sand where the undesirable particulate are captured. Once the water passes through the sand the cleaned water is directed out of the filter. Stainless steel allows customers to run at higher pressures, adds durability, and retains value.


Price includes 2 Tanks (1 Set) and the appropriate Semi-Auto Manifold Assembled with Backflush Valves.      Must ship via Freightline.

We can even set it up on your trailer.   *Sand is NOT included.  BUYING THE CORRECT SAND IS MOST IMPORTANT!!  You CANNOT USE POOL SAND for Filtration **   Please Click Here to See SAND.

NOTE:  We recommend allowing us to assemble this item before shipping.  This will add to your shipping costs, but sent separately could result in damage of the manifold or incorrect installations.

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