Slow Release Fertilizers. 16-13-18; 20-13-13

Slow Release Fertilizers.  16-13-18; 20-13-13
Fert 16-13-18
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Controlled Release Fertilizer -- 50 lb Bags
Apply once and it contines to work all season.

Really good for Peppers and Tomatoes!!    Use Less = Grow More!


16-13-18   Great for Cucurbits (melons, squash, cucumbers)

20-13-13   Great for Solaneaceous Plants (Eggplant, tomoto, peppers, potatoes)



Everris introduces AgroBlend, a new line of high quality fertilizers.  

Made with 2  controlled release technologies.   Works in a fashion that releases 

each nutrient at the correct time and amount for maximum crop yields.


A single application for the season of the coated released fertilizer provides the crop with all of the nutrients that the crop needs, when it needs it.


Growers who use Agrocote hybrid fertilizers, reduced application rates by 25% to 40%, allowing each coated fertilizer prill to be used more effeciently, and reducing the risk of leaching, runoff, and breaking down prematurely.


 Farmers report a 20% to 50% higher yield increase even when using less than the recommended Nitrogen rate!



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