Starter Kit with 100 Feet of Drip Tape & 30 Feet of Mainline. Waters 5 rows.

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Installs in half hour.  Simply hook the Filter Assembly to a garden hose or spigot.  Then roll out Mainline Poly Tubing and Drip Tape down each row.

Punch holes and connect fittings.  Cap off the ends and turn on the Water.

Everything in this Kit can be reused for several years. Just unhook, drain filter & roll up in the winter time.  Store safely away from rodents.   The Drip Tape will eventually need replacing and can be purchased in small rolls.

The kit includes:

  • Screen Filter hooks directly to Garden Hose
  • ¾" Pressure Regulator
  • 5 Row Connectors (Poly to Drip Tape) # 250B-06-LS
  • 2-in-1 Punch & Cut Tool for Connectors #42378
  • 2 Drip Tape Couplers (use if needed) #CPT-06-LSO
  • 5 #3149 Tape Terminals to close ends of drip tape
  • 2 Goof Plugs (use if needed)
  • 30 Feet of ½" Poly Header Pipe
  • 100 Feet of 15 Mil Heavy Drip Tape  (Made to use for several years.)
  • 1/2" Figure-8 End Closure for Poly
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