TwistIIClean Element Only for 3/4" and 1"

TwistIIClean Element Only for 3/4" and 1"
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 This TwistIIClean replacement element flushes completely in 20 seconds. It is stainless steel and lasts for years. It fits 3/4" and 1" filters.



When sand gets inside a residential water supply it can cause damage to plumbing fixtures, clothes washers, etc. Not to mention clog filters and leave sediment in water, ice, the bathtub or the toilet. LAKOS can prevent this in several ways. If the water supply comes from a water well, a LAKOS Separator can be installed in the well, preventing sand from ever entering the water system. Or the LAKOS Separator can be installed above ground, piped in before the water pressure tank. These above ground units can be ordered ONLINE directly from LAKOS.




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