Window Box and Basket Drip Kit. Choose from Various Mainline Colors (Tan, White or Black)

Window Box and Basket Drip Kit.  Choose from Various Mainline Colors (Tan, White or Black)
  • Box Kit Parts
  • Davidson Home with 1 Window Box Kit on Porch
  • Stabilizer Stake to hold 1/4" tubing in place
  • Window Box Kit with Black Mainline
  • Tee Filter to 1/4 line
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Complete kit ready to water 10 Pots/Baskets and 20 feet of Window Boxes!  Hooks to your spigot and waters daily.  

Choose from Kits with or without Timers.   (With Mainline in White, Tan, or Black)


100 Feet of 1/4" Main Line

10 24" Long Weighted Basket Assemblies for Pots or Baskets

2 10 Feet Lengths of  Life Lines with Drip Spacing every 6 inches -- Cut to needed length for each box or planter.

4 Pressure Regulating Drippers (1.0 gph emitters)

1 Tee Filter and Pressure Regulator Assembly

10 End Plugs (also used as Goof Plugs when new holes are needed)

18  Elbows, 10  Tees, 5 Joiners -- Work with Mainline or Drip In Tubing

10 Stabilizers  --  50 J-Clamps w/Nails

Detailed Instructions

1 Claber 9 Volt Queen Timer - Optional  (For more info on our Battery Timers, Click Here )


How do I choose my Kit?

The Hanging Basket Kit includes 24” and 36” long Basket Dripper Assemblies. It is primarily for a Porch with many Hanging Baskets and a few Pots.

The Window Box Kit is for a Porch or Patio with Window-Box-Type Planters or many large pots and even some Hanging Baskets. It includes Basket Dripper Assemblies as well as lengths of 1/4” Drip-In Tubing that drips every 6 inches. 

The weighted Hanging Basket Assemblies are Cream Colored (pg 47). They may be cut shorter if necessary. Use 2 for X-Lg Pots or circle 14” of Life Line inside an X-Lg Pot.

The Drippers feeding the Basket Assemblies & Life Lines are ALL Pressure Compensating -meaning they regulate the amount of water for each pot or planter.

Each Basket/Pot/Planter will receive the same amount of water (unlike when we hand water our plants!).  The emitters are regulated.


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