1.25 mil *White on Black* Embossed Plastic Mulch 60"

1.25 mil *White on Black*  Embossed Plastic Mulch 60"
Plastic White-Black 1.251
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We sell high quality Plastic Mulch Film by Ginegar Plastics, Inc.  Their manufacturing process is superior over all others. 

Our large growers Love this Plastic. "This is great plastic.  Much better than Poly Experts and Berry Plastics."  Bailey Farms, NC

** Temporarily sold out of 36" & 48" until August.  *** We apologize for the inconvenience.

Pull down arrow to choose size from  48", 54" or 60" widths.


Excellent Product. An ultra reflective white top white layer reduces stress on heat sensitive crops by decreasing the soil temp and provides additional light reflection to the underside of the crop.

·         The black layer stops weed growth under the plastic.

·         Great for late tomatoes and peppers.

·         Choose between 1.0 mil and 1.25 mil weight.

·         16 Rolls per pallet.

·         You may flip the plastic and use the black side on top.

What is Embossed Plastic Mulch?

Embossed plastic has visible diamond patterns on the surface, which give the plastic a wrinkled appearance. This mulch is generally more resistant to damage due to punctures, wind fatigue and cracking than non-embossed mulches.  The 'diamonds' are extra protection and make the plastic stronger.  Slick Plastic will generally not hold up as well.

Most common agricultural mulches include black, white and white on black, which may be used with either side facing upward, depending on the specific need. Clear mulch is used when most rapid soil warming is needed, but weeds will grow below it, thereby limiting its usefulness. White mulch reflects solar radiation and is used where soil cooling is desired, such as establishing fall crops during the heat of summer. Research has shown that white or aluminum reflective mulch also repels aphids, which spread some virus diseases in vine crops such as squash. Various other colors of mulch may affect plant growth in a positive way.


Ginegar’s mulch films are advanced multi-layer mulch films that are manufactured using two methods – multi-layer blow film co-extrusion and cast (flat die) extrusion. Offering UV protection, these films are available either embossed (cast) or smooth (blown) and in a wide range of thicknesses and widths according to specific growers’ needs, specifications and crops. 
Quality Assurance

Ginegar is committed to continuous quality improvement while exceeding the expectations of our customers, improving processes and providing superior quality products and services.


We maintain a strict quality control program at all stages of manufacturing, and all Ginegar products are manufactured in accordance with SI ISO 9000-2015 international quality management standards.

Customer Service

At Ginegar, we make every effort to meet our customers’ unique and dynamic needs. To this end, we endeavor to find the perfect solution for our customers’ needs, crops, climate and terrain conditions, and always offer ongoing customer support and assistance to ensure the best possible results.

Agronomic Know-how

Our Research & Development team includes both seasoned agronomists with hands-on experience in the field, as well as industry-leading plastics engineers and technicians. This enables us to truly understand the challenges faced by growers worldwide, and to develop and create the solutions that best meet their unique needs.


Moreover, our expert agronomists can provide support and solutions for all types of crops and in any climactic conditions.


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