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  • "I used this machine {Plastic Mulch Wrapper} to roll up drip tape that had not long been laid by some Tobacco.  It rolled it (tape) up in a matter of minutes.  Saved me time, labor and rolled the tape neatly so I can re-use it."   Michael, Virgilina, VA (Fall 2013)

  • Trey took care of everything and I received it the next day after ordering...excellent service!!  I will pass the word around to the other farmers in our area.  Thanks for your follow up because you don't see this type of service anymore in this country, and we really appreciate your efforts. Gregg, Fairview, NC  (Nov. 2012)

  • I contacted Berry Hill Irrigation in need of product and advice on how to irrigate my strawberry field. Trey helped me figure out what all I needed and got it sent to me immediately. Set up went well according to plan and the irrigation system is working great.

  • Thanks for taking care of me.  You rock. Merry Christmas, Sean, FL  (Dec. 2012)



Drip irrigation applies water and nutrients directly to the root of the plant at a controlled rate. By using drip irrigation effectively, you can:

  • Water roots, not weeds
  • Increase the size and quality of plants
  • Conserve water
  • Lower utility bills
  • Practice organic gardening
  • Decrease fertilizer & chemical leaching
  • Minimize weeds & labor


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