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Gas Pumps

We stock gas and electric irrigation pumps for your irrigation needs.  Most drip irrigation systems use an irrigation pump and primer along with a media filter when watering from a pond or river.

Gas Pump vs Electric Pump

Gas pumps allow you to utilize any water source to provide water to your crops when electricity isn’t an option. Want semi or full automation?  Electric pumps allow the simple flip of a switch to start or stop the irrigation. These pumps also allow for easier automation since electricity is already in place to run controllers and valves as well.

What should you know ?

To properly help you size the pump whether gas or electric for your needs we will need some information from you. What is the difference in elevation from the pump to the water source, how far does the water need to be pumped and how much elevation changes is between those two points? We will also need to know how many gallons per minute the zone will require and how much pressure you need as well. Pump Accessories: Gaskets, Foot Valves, Strainers, Irrigation Pump and Primers and Parts.

Gorman Rupp and Monarch Pumps -- Honda Engines. Brand Name Pumps for Easy Starts every time!

  • Low Oil Shut Off
  • Stainless Steel Mechanical Seals
  • Self-Priming