Drip Irrigation Kits


All of our Drip Irrigation Kits will last for years and makes the perfect present for your gardener!        We make these in house and ship from here in Southern Virginia!   

There are kits to fit the needs of anybody!! If you need help with modifications to any kit please feel free to contact us!!

Our Super Garden Drip Irrigation Kit will fit your High Tunnel perfectly!

Add on more Fittings here:  http://www.berryhilldrip.com/Drip-Tape-Fittings/


FAQ:  How much drip tape can I run at one time on a garden hose?    How much water is this putting out?

The Flow of your drip tape is the 3rd set of numbers in the Model #.  This number is stated in GPM per every 100' of tape that you run.

EXAMPLE:  EA5081245-7500   This tape puts out .45 gpm for every 100 feet that you run.   OR  4.5 gpm for every 1,000' of tape that you run.

TRY IT :     --- I have 12 gpm of water coming out of your garden hose at the field/plot.   Therefore, I can run 2,666 feet of drip tape at one time.  (MATH: 12 divided by .45= 26.666   x 100 feet = 2,666 feet)

--- I have 14 gpm of water  "   "    " ...    Therefore, I can run 3,111 feet of drip tape at one time.



Drip Tape needs 6 PSI to work properly; and not more than 12 PSI or it will split.