Raised Bed Drip Irrigation Kit with Permanant Heavywall Dripper Hose. RBK Kit waters 100' of veggies or flowers.

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RAISED BEDS? It's this easy!    This Kit will water 100 Feet of your Vegetables.   Waters 4 Beds - Only requires TWO 10' Lines Per Bed.

Simply roll out the Heavywall Drip Tubing, connect one end to the Mainline, one end to the Garden Hose and turn it on!

   --  Only one row of drip tape is needed per row of vegetables.      Drips every 12" and covers a 12" Radius

See our Install Video!

Included in Kit:

  • 100 Feet of Drip-In with Emitters built in every 12"   (Heavywall, Pressure Compensating Dripperline)

  • 35' of 1/2" Heavywall Poly Mainline Tubing  (Stretches across top of garden)

  • 1 Hose Faucet Fitting-Adapter  # PL-55-PHS

  • 3 Poly Tees   # PL-55-P3T

  • 4 Poly Elbows    # PL-55-PELL

  • 4 End Closures - # FIGURE-8 1

  • 12  U-Shaped Staples











Will water 4 Raised Beds, just like those pictured. Complete Kit with Professional Quality Products!  

** No Filter or Pressure Reducer needed with this Heavywall Dripperline tubing!

Need more Tees or Elbows?  No problem - Order Here (Number 55 for 1/2" Power Loc Fittings)

Looking for a Drip Tape Kit ?   Click Here 

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jennifer Williamson
    I use this Kit at home for my small raised bed garden. It's perfect for my busy schedule! I added a faucet timer and it is set to automatically water every other day (in the hot summer). This Kit has lasted me 4 years and I expect it to last another 4 without any problems!
  • Author: Test Norris
    I love this product!