Filter Assembly with Pressure Regulator (Garden Hose by Mainline). For use with Drip Tape or Sprinklers.

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We assemble these Filter and Pressure Regulator Assemblies for your convenience.

  * Choose 10 PSI for Drip Tape.   * Choose 35 PSI for Sprinklers or Heavywall Dripper Tubing.

We use the same high quality products as we do for our Garden Kits.

  • A Screen Filter to trap any debris in your hoses before clogging your Drip Emitters  
  • A Pressure Regulator to reduce too-high pressure that can damage your Drip Irrigation
  • The Assembly includes a 3/4" Spin Filter with a Stainless Steel Screen and a 3/4" Pressure Regulator.
  • The Size you choose is the size fitting that you need on the end of the Assembly to go to your Mainline Hose. (1/2", 3/4", or 1" Poly?)   ** For other types of Pipe, please specify in the "Message" Box of your Checkout Page.
  • Power Loc Connector from Assembly to your Main/Sub-main line Poly Tubing
  • Garden Hose (or Spigot) Adapter



Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jennifer Williamson
    This is a convenient way to get started with a drip system. Pretty much a standard need for any well water system.