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Filter Assembly with Pressure Regulator (Garden Hose by Mainline). For use with Drip Tape or Sprinklers.

Filter Assembly with Pressure Regulator (Garden Hose by Mainline). For use with Drip Tape or Sprinklers.
  • Filter Assem, Brass Wye
  • Screen filter and pressure regulator with fittings
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We assemble these Filter and Pressure Regulator Assemblies for your convenience.  Choose the right one to match your Pressure Needs and Mainline Size.    They are ready to use with garden hose and poly hose connections already assembled.


  •      Choose 10 PSI for Drip Tape.  
  •       Choose 35 PSI for Sprinklers or Heavywall Dripper Tubing.  
  •      For special requests or questions,  please make a NOTE in the Memo or call 434-374-5555 to order.


These are high quality products that we use in our Garden Kits and highly recommend.    The Screen Filter will trap any debris in your hoses before clogging your Drip Emitters.    On a regular basis you will want to unscrew the filter body and clean the screen inside the filter.  It's easily cleaned with a toothbrush or by hand.

The Senninger Pressure Regulator reduces too-high pressure that can damage your Drip Irrigation System.   Drip Tape is especially sensitive to blowing out or splitting under high pressure. 

Sprinklers may spit or not work properly without the correctly sized Pressure Regulator.


    The Assembly includes a 3/4" Filter with a screen that you can clean and a 3/4" Pressure Regulator.

    The Size you choose is the size fitting that you need on the end of the Assembly to go to your Mainline Hose. (1/2", 3/4", or 1" Poly?)   ** For other types of Pipe, please specify in the "Message" Box of your Checkout Page.


Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jennifer Williamson
    This is a convenient way to get started with a drip system. Pretty much a standard need for any well water system.