KITS - Drip for the Garden


Have a beautiful vegetable or fruit garden without the frustrations!    These do-it-yourself watering kits are wonderful and conserve water.     Kits use Drip Tape, a durable tubing with precisely engineered perforations that drip water directly into the soil.    Water Slow , Grow Fast!

We make these in house and ship from here in Southern Virginia!  

  • Complete Kits for Do It Yourself Growers!

  • Easy to add onto.  For all size Growers!

  • Are you a little nervous?    Anyone, any age can set up one of these kits.
Customers are always pleased and call back to tell us so!    We often hear:
  • "It arrived in the morning and by lunch it was running."
  • Very simple to roll out, cut to your row lengths, connect tape to included fittings and mainline, hook to your spigot, and turn it on!