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8 Mil Drip Tape by Streamline X, Typhoon, Aquatraxx, T-Tape, SKY

Berryhill offers premium brand drip tapes that are trusted and backed by years of research.

Typically, one acre of Standard Vegetables needs 7,500 feet of Drip Tape. (i.e. 1 Roll Tape and 2 Rolls Plastic Mulch per Acre)

Standard Drip Tape Mils and Reel Lengths

  • 8 Mil =  7,500 Feet  Aquatraxx & T-Tape   -- 9,000' StreamlineX & Space-It   -- Typhoon 5,200' -- SKY 7,150'
  • 10 Mil = 6,000 Feet  Aquatraxx & T-Tape        
  • 15 Mil = 4,000 Feet  Aquatraxx & T-Tape   --    4,300' Typhoon
  • 25 Mil = 2,600 Feet   DripNet PC

T-Tape by Rivulis boasts a high number of inlet filters in each emitter.  TTape requires just 5 inlet filters open to function correctly. Made in the USA.

Netafim offers many types of Drip Tape.  Streamline X for your standard crop;  Typhoon Drip Tape for dirty water; Space-It for Perennials & Mums; and DripNet PC for your longer crops like brambles.   These are mostly made in the USA.

Toro's AquaTraxx Drip Irrigation is ideal for irrigating row crops, vegetables, flowers, tomatoes and more.  Only Toro Ag has the two blue stripes -- they are a signature of quality and ensure proper installation. Made in the USA.

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