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Space-It Dripline. 5/8" 8 Mil 18" or 24" Spacing Drip Tape with Markings for spacing your pots. By Netafim #06SL8636.4DM-24

Space-It Dripline. 5/8"  8 Mil 18" or 24" Spacing Drip Tape with Markings for spacing your pots.  By Netafim #06SL8636.4DM-24
  • space it in the pot
  • Rolling out space-it in a mum field on weed fabric.
  • Spaceit drip tape on potted plants by Netafim
  • Space It Drip Tape with Marks for pots
  • Space-it comes in a 9000 foot roll
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Space-It™ Dripline 8 Mil  18" or 24" Spacing Drip Tape with Markings

9000' Roll

Netafim USA’s Space-It™ Dripline is a drip system for watering potted plants. It’s a thinwall dripline with pre-spaced drippers designed to be placed directly over the top of pots with the location of each dripper visibly marked on the tubing.

Positioning of the pots (plants) is quick and easy - just place the pot under the mark on the dripline - saving up to 20% in installation labor costs. Each Dripper is Visibly Marked The location of each dripper in the dripline is visibly marked. This mark contrasts with the black color of the dripline for easy visibility.

• Save Time During and After Installation Workers don’t have to stoop or feel to find the dripper’s position in the tubing. The visible mark allows them to quickly and easily identify where each plant should be positioned. This also saves time after installation - there is no need to recheck the dripper’s position to make sure the water is dripping into the pot. Growers estimate that the time required to space out a potted crop can be reduced by 20% or more. • Reduces Crop Loss 

Typically with unmarked tubing, some pots are out of position and do not get watered until positioning is corrected. Plant wilting is the usual indicator that a pot is out of position. With Space-It Dripline, you can simply look down a zone to see that the pots are properly positioned without having to wait for plant stress to tell you.

Technical Specifications

  • Filtration: 120 mesh
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 12 psi
  • 24" Spacing -- 0.42 gph   ** 0.30 GPM per 100'
  • Inside Diameter: 0.636″  /  Wall Thickness: 8 mil

Space-It™ Dripline Layout

Space-It Dripline is the simplest way to achieve a good, long term quality pot watering system. The general layout of the Space-It Dripline is very simple:

  • Water is supplied to the driplines from a supply header or submain.
  • The dripline is stretched across the top of the pots and is secured at the end connection with enough tension to keep it in place over the top of the pots.
  • For lengths over 100 feet, locate the supply header in the center and install the driplines outward in both directions with separate connections for each dripline.

There are several connection options available for Space-It Driplines. A few of the most common connection options are illustrated in the following layouts. Check with an authorized Netafim USA dealer for other installation configurations.

    Use a Tape Terminal to tie off End of Tape and connect to a fxture.


Space-It Dripline Design Info


Determine how many pots can be watered at the same time. Use the Zone Flow chart to help calculate how much water it takes to operate one zone of pots with Space-It Dripline. You do not need to operate the maximum amount, but do not exceed the maximum. If the amount of water required exceeds the amount available, reduce the zone size.

   *  We only stock 0.4 GPH  


Determine how long a row or ‘run’ can be made.
We recommend a row or run length of 100’ or less to limit expansion/contraction issues and general operational practices.


Select the major system components.
Once you have selected the flow of each zone, it is time to size the major system components. Recommendations for sizing basic versions of valves, filters, water meters and pressure regulators for your zone flow can be found in these charts. For additional options, contact 


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