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3/4" Hose Bib Anti-Siphon Device (Faucet Check Valve) B800 - HB8

3/4" Hose Bib Anti-Siphon Device (Faucet Check Valve) B800 - HB8
  • Backflow Preventer by Flomatic.
TURF:B800 - HB8
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The B800 - HB8 is an easy to use and inexpensive way to prevent fertilizer or chemicals from leaching back into your water supply. 

Hose Connection Vacuum Breaker  -  3/4" MHT X FHT Hose Bib Anti-Siphon/Backflow Preventer


  1. Size:   3/4"  (20mm)
  2. Made of Brass
  3. Pressure Max: 125 PSI
  4. Temp Max: 180° F (80° C)
  5. ASSE Listed 1011
  6. Designed to prevent back-siphonage or backflow of water, with vandal resistant feature

APPLICATION: The Glen-Flo™ model GFHB8 is especially designed to prevent against backsiphonage of polluted water into the potable water supply. It is used on potable water lines such as service sinks, laundry tubs & hose bibs. The model GFHB8 features a break-away set-screw for tamper-proof protection. The assembly shall provide protection where a potential health hazard does not exist.


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