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Landscape Kit waters up to 200 feet of beds – Free Shipping

Landscape Kit waters up to 200 feet of beds – Free Shipping
  • mulch bed with drip hose
  • circle bed with drip hose
  • Nursery stock
  • This Kit would be good for a row of berries or grapes.
  • PCS drip-in tubing by toro
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Includes 200 Feet of Permanent In-Line Emitter Tubing!

Created by us at Berry Hill Irrigation, Inc. to help you quickly water a flower bed, or perhaps newly planted shrubs.   Easily Customizable and Long-Lasting!

This Drip-In Tubing requires 6 psi minimum pressure to work properly.   (Max: 40 PSI)


  • 200 Feet of 1/2" PC Drip-In  (Emitters drip every 12 inches)   #PCS1853-12-100
  • 1 Tee Filter with Screen
  • 1 Power Loc  PHS Connector (connects the drip-in to your Spigot or Garden Hose)
  • 1 Power Loc Coupler  (Drip-in x Drip-in)
  • 1 Power Loc End-Cap

About the Drip-In Tubing:   Pressure Compensating Dripline with Cylindrical Emitter

Drip In® PC dripline has a cylindrical pressure-compensating emitter, ideal for irrigating land in difficult topographical conditions or where long lateral lines are required.   A slight slope is no problem!

Drip In® PC emitter guarantees:

 Resistance to clogging;
 Emission uniformity;
Drip In® PC can be laid on the surface, sub-surface or hanged on a wire.

Advantages: • Highly clog-resistant due to wide, deep turbulent passageways and raised inlets. • Extremely accurate flow rate due to high quality control standards.

• Reduced labor and installation cost. No hole punching, lost emitters or handling damage. • Can’t separate because there are no clip-ons or connections. • Lower friction loss due to jointless design, allows longer runs and fewer mainlines.

• For above and below ground applications. • Emitters are factory spaced, thus requiring no field installation (hole punching, clip-ons, etc.).



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