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Hanging Basket Drip Kit. Free Shipping!

Hanging Basket Drip Kit. Free Shipping!
  • Black or White mainline hose wraps around the deck or porch and feeds the micro tubing into the pot.
  • Hanging Basket fern irrigated on front porch - white tubing
  • Customers pictures of the pot - hanging basket irrigation kit on their porch.
  • Watering Kit for ferns on back porch
  • Hanging Basket Assemblies with 0.5 gph Dripper
Kit Basket (Black, No Timer)
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Automatically Water Your Porch /  Patio  / Deck  Pots and Hanging Baskets with Ease
This DIY Irrigation Kit is simple and easy to use but is high quality drip irrigation! 

Do you have flowers on your deck or porch that start out gorgeous, but quickly suffer in the heat?
Forget to water them?     ME TOO!     This Kit is for you, for your Mom and your best friend!   
It has 100 feet of mainline tubing to wrap around your deck or porch and reach all your pots!   Conserve water & time.    Black or White mainline hose wraps around the deck or porch and feeds the micro tubing into the pots and baskets.    You do not have to use all 15 drippers, simply install the quantity you need!


  • 1/2 inch x 100 foot Mainline Blue-Stripe® Poly Tubing (Choose White or Black)
  •               -- Please note the WHITE Poly Tubing mainline is irrigation hose.  Toro is the only vendor making this hose and it has their signature 'blue-stripe' on the tubing.  We do not have any other options at this time for white mainline.  We have made this kit as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
  • 15 Hanging Basket Drippers (Assemblies with Weights that hold the tubing in the basket.)
  •        --   Dripper Assemblies come in 2 lengths.  10 at 24 inches long; 5 at 36 inches long.  May be used on large pots or hanging pots.  Use 2 for XL pots.   You may also cut them shorter or extend them with included joiner.
  • 1 Snap on Tap Adapter and Screen Filter.   This connects directly to your Spigot/Garden Hose on one side and mainline poly tubing on the other.  Keeps lines open and clean.
  • 15 J-Clamps.  These are clamps with a Nail to secure your mainline to the deck or porch beams. Exchange nails for screws where necessary.   #CLJ-3 1/2
  • 3 Tees and securing Clamps.  Part #s  TLTEE    #Ant 44335
  • 10 Elbows and securing Clamps  Part #s  TLELL    #Ant 44335
  • 1 Coupler and securing Clamps   Part #s   TLCOUP   #Ant 44335
  • 1 Card Goof Plugs  (for mistakes or layout changes)  #MP-1
  • 2 Micro Joiners  (Couple 1/4 inch lines)  #Ant 40995
  • 4 Figure-8 End Closures for Mainline Poly.    # Figure-8 1/2
  • 1 Key Punch   #Punch Key
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Only Tool Required -- Pair of Scissors!

 Professional products to last for years!  The kit comes with everything that you need but not too much.  It comes with a few repair fittings and is easy to assemble and customize!


   Customers are raving about this Kit!

Becky in TX says:  I wanted to invest in new hanging plants for out porch this year and dident want the risk of them to just die if we went out of town. So I researched drip systems and yours was the one I ordered. It was so easy to install and the plants love it!!   (May 2021)  

Clarence in PA says:   I purchased a system last year for Mother's day for my wife. We have a wrap around porch and ferns in every section. They become very heavy to water when they get big by the end of summer. I had to order some extra parts this year and the company is amazing to work with. Supportive, responsive and answered all of my questions The irrigation system for our porch is a life saver and our ferns have never looked better! Super easy to install for anyone. (I am not Mr. Fix it!) You will not be disappointed.   (June 2021)

Stuart in VA says:    Great customer service, answered all my irrigation questions. Fast shipping within two days the items were on our front porch!  (May 2022)

Paul in NY says:  Delivered quickly with no fuss, easily installation and set up for fuss free watering

Mitchell says:  Great people!  Easy to work with and quick turnaround!



  • 3/4” FHT inlet and MHT outlet
  • Watering duration from 2 minutes to 240 minutes
  • Eight watering intervals ranging from every six hours to once per week
  • Low battery auto lock out to ensure the timer cannot open unless it can close
  • Low energy use (less than 20 micro amps in standby mode) ensures long battery life
  • Easy manual operations using a single button
  • High water flow at normal water pressures
  • Operates on low water flows of less than 0.5 GPM
  • 14% of higher flow at 30 PSI
  • High strength female hose thread connection with easy removal via spring clip
  • Powered by one 9-volt alkaline battery with battery life up to one year
  • Weather resistant
  • Three year limited warranty



  • Operates with any supported Android or iPhone smart device
  • Instantaneous communication with smartphone once connected
  • Programmed entirely using accompanying smartphone app
  • CON:  Bluetooth communication range: up to 50 feet (15 m)   Does not work when away from home.
  • FCC and EC certified Bluetooth enabled
  • Easy to set up, install and operate:
  • Simply install two AA batteries into the waterproof timer’s battery compartment. Download DIG’s BTT free app to your smartphone, then connect and control any number of DIG’s Single Button Smart Bluetooth Timers from the palm of your hand.
  • Available in the following languages, English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian and Chinese Simplified (with more to come) (with more to come)
  • Non-volatile memory retains program and timer integrity (excluding time)
  • Manual irrigation cycle can be performed via the app, or the timer’s manual program button or via the solenoid
  • Semi-automatic, automatic or manual operation
  • Available with 3/4” with FHT or BSP thread
  • Latching solenoid with encapsulated plunger for reliable operation
  • Completely waterproof (IP64) – can operate in harsh environments
  • Environmentally friendly; utilizes RoHS compliant components
  • One button to reset the timer to factory defaults or to run manually without a smartphone
  • Battery life up to one year
  • Three-year warranty



Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sandy Briscoe
    I love my irrigation system the we purchased from Berry Hill. My husband installed it and it was so easy. And my Ferns are so happy on my from porch and my covered back deck. And I am happy that I don't have to water them every day.
  • Author: Jennifer Williamson
    I have this kit on my porch at home for my hanging baskets and pots. My plants get so big every year! I added an orbit timer and have used this system now about 5 years. It's easy to install and then I just leave it out all year. I just take the Filter and Timer inside during the winter months.
  • Author: Peter Berggren
    Installed this system on our front porch last weekend. Works great! In a block and stucco house such as ours, the J-clamps provided are useless... I used 1/2" plastic straps with concrete screws instead. See the "Share" section for a photo. Perhaps this kit should offer the necessary parts for installation into concrete, as an option?