24" x 48" Plastic UV-Protected- Bench Tops (Tops Only) for Nursery or Greenhouse Tables *See Note on Shipping

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* NOTE:  We apologize but the website has a very difficult time charging the correct shipping costs.  Due to the large dimenstions of these boxes, we have to get a Quote on EVERY order.  Please check your email!   We will contact you within 1 Business Day (M-F) with the actual shipping costs.  You may receive notice of an increase or a decrease in shipping.   You will have to approve these charges BEFORE we ship so please do not worry.   Thank you for your understanding!     (See Contact Us above to send us an email.)

Agri of Virginia A-V Bench Systems are high quality, plastic UV-protected tops designed for horticulture use.

The AV Benches are manufactured and designed by a family business with over 30 years in the business.   Their goal is customer satisfaction with a detail for personal attention, competitive prices and prompt delivery.

  1" Square Holes    These are 24" x 48" x 7/8" Sections Only.    (See below for making Tables.)

Weight - 5.1 lbs each section.     Each Section will support 850 lbs when properly supported.


  • These are very over-size and hard to figure for each order.      SHIPPED IN BOXES OF 12     

  • You can generally ship 4 for the same price as 6 and 7 as the same price as 10; etc **

  • Quantity Discounts given on 36+ Bench Tops or Systems

Several advantages of these bench tops are the fact that they are lightweight, easy to clean, and you don’t have the potential for injury from metal sticking up or shards of steel getting lodged underneath your fingernails.These have a safety factor, especially in an institutional or school setting; there are no wires sticking out that people can snag their hands on. Also, these UV-protected plastic bench tops are a hit with workers due to the way trays slide effortlessly along the surface. This saves workers from having to pick each tray up individually and move it.


To make your own Bench System?   Take note:

The number of legs required will be determined by the frame material the customer uses to support the bench tops.  When we sell a complete bench using our fiberglass frame, we place the legs on 6' centers.  However, using other material such as wood, pipe, or steel profiles may require a different leg configuration.  Please make sure your customer understands that the bench tops must be supported by a frame...the tops will not just attach to legs.
A good visual would be on our website, www.a-vinternational.com.  Look under bench systems, then stationary greenhouse benches, then look at the far right photo on the top line.  This is a 6' x 12' bench using our fiberglass frame and legs with the benchtops attached.  There are 3 sets of legs on this bench.

There are also many options available for Bench Systems with Legs.  Inquire for pricing and options!





















































Customer Reviews

  • Author: Bob Keyes
    Thanks Jennifer for your interest in my project. Yes I ordered more because they are working well. It’s certainly not very fancy. These will be used as a second layer of shelving under the main propagation shelf. It should double my capacity. I’ll send a pic tomorrow.