2670M Plastic Mulch Layer (Must Call to Order) Manual Ro-Trak

MUL 2670M873
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Model 2670 Plastic Mulch Layer with Manual Ro-Trak

Forms the Raised Beds and Lays Drip Tape down under your Plastic Mulch!

  • 64” Row Centers w/ 4’ Plastic; 80 HP FWD Minimum Tractor Size
  • Category II, 3-Point Hitch
  • Adjustable Plastic Width From 3′ – 5′
  • Adjustable Bed Height From 5” – 9”
  • Adjustable Brake Tension on Plastic Roll Carriers
  • Bed Press has Adjustable Side Press Plates
  •  Operator Seat
  • Adjustable Row Markers
  • Replaceable, Reversible Plow Share Blades
  • UHMW (replaceable) Poly Lined Bed Press
  • Spring Loaded Shovels On Side Helps Loosen Soil For Cover Disk


  • Single or Double Drip Attachment
  • Crowned Bed Press for Level Field
  • Center Fillers, to Help Fill Center of Bed
  • 400 lb. Ground Driven Dry Fertilizer Hopper
  • Fumigation Tank Mounts w/ Gas Knives
  • Automatic Ro-Trak  2670A

Why Raised Beds?

  • Earlier Crops: Raised beds will make your produce crop earlier due to warmer, better-drained soil
  • Cleaner Crops: Crops are easier to pick & are away from cultivated ground

------Must Ship on a Pallet ---Shipping Costs cannot be configured online so please Call to Order -- A liftgate can't be used for this peice of equipment. Many of our customers who can't unload it themselves have it shipped to a local farmstore that can unload it for them.  ------ Must be on site at time of delivery in order to inspect and sign for delivery.





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