Clear Vinyl Tubing

Clear Vinyl Tubing
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  • Clear, Vinyl tubing hose
  • Sold by the foot
  • Used on small pumps and Fertilizer Injector systems

Mazzei Chemigation and Fertigation Technology equals greater efficiency at a lower cost...

Mazzei Injectors are high-efficiency, venturi-type, differential pressure injectors with internal mixing vanes. When a sufficient pressure difference exists between the inlet and outlet ports of the injector, a vacuum is created inside the injector body, which initiates suction of a liquid or gas through the suction port.

The Mazzei Injectors require a drop in pressure and flow of 20%, which is not usually a problem.

Mazzeis are perfect for agricultural use. They work by creating a vaccum that sucks the solution into the line.   Watch the Demonstration Video here!

Most importantly, do not oversize the injector! Call 1-800-345-3747 for assistance.

Ex. of Choosing Injector: 2 Acre Field with 3" Mainline to field. You hope to fertilze 1/4 acre to 1 acre at a time. Your flow is 9 gpm to 36 gpm. Using above chart, you need a 584. The 1078 would not work on your lower end flow rates.

Ex. of How you will USE your Injector: Pour dissolved water soluble fertilizer into container/bucket. Next, open 2 Parallel PVC Valves. Lastly, slowly start to close the brass gate valve. You will see Fertilizer flow up into clear tube.


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