14 Gallon Dosatron Fertilizer Injector. Most Popular Model * Standard Ratio 1:500 to 1:50

14 Gallon Dosatron Fertilizer Injector. Most Popular Model * Standard Ratio 1:500 to 1:50
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Model: D14MZ2VFII     * Most common Agriculture Unit

The D14MZ2 is the upgraded replacement for the 11 GPM model, allowing flow rates up to 14 GPM. It offers enhanced UV resistance and is perfect for one-hose operations or for use with our 15-gallon DosaCart or 5-gallon Li'l Bud-D portable fertilizing system.

When you are looking for the Dosatron that meets your needs, please determine 1.  the Flow of your motor fluid; the water to be treated (in m3/h or l/h), 2. the required Dosage of the concentrate to be injected (the %, ratio or injection flow in l/min or l/h),  and 3. the Options that will allow you to optimize the chemical compatibility and installation. 

Pipe Size: 3/4" NPT
Weight: 6 lbs
Dimensions: 19 1/8" x 6 5/16"
GPM: 0.05 to 14 GPM (0.19 to 50 LPM)
Pressure: 4.3 to 85 PSI
Ratio: 1:500 to 1:50
Percentage: 0.2 to 2%
Available Options: PVDF (white housing), PAA seals, Bypass
Included Accessories: Mounting bracket, suction hose, weighted strainer, and operating manual.

Specs Sheet Here:   http://www.dosatronusa.com/userfiles/files/Spec%20Sheets/14%20GPM/D14MZ2.pdf


 ** A 200 Mesh Filter is recommended before the injector.

For 30 years, Growers have trusted Dosatron Injectors for injecting Fertilizers, Insecticides, Fungicides; for Fruit and Vegetable Washing; and even for feeding the lawn, provides accuracy and reliability each time.   Dosatron injectors feature superior engineering to create the most durable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance product on the market. We manage our customers’ chemical application through repeatability, regardless of fluctuations in pressure or flow. We also support our users every step of the way with world-class customer service. Trust only genuine Dosatron products.


What is “repeatability”? Repeatability is the ability to recreate the same results again and again, automatically and with minimal maintenance. 

Some chemical management strategies and products lose accuracy over time, causing the chemical mixture results to “drift” over a period of weeks or months. These changes can be the result of changes in water pressure and flow, or they can be due to equipment parts becoming clogged or degenerating. 

Dosatron is different. Our chemical injectors operate on a volumetric dosing principal, which allows them to inject the correct amount of concentrate, regardless of changes in water pressure or flow. Since our injectors are the most durable on the market, as long as you follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your Dosatron, you can be assured of repeatability for years to come.



Apply 3.5 lbs of 20-20-20 per 1,000 feet per week.   Once you have fruit set, apply 5 lbs. per 1,000' of 16-3-26 with Calcium.   ** If you are growing Tomatoes & Peppers, you should spray them every week with Calcium Chelate at a rate of 2 oz per 1,000 feet. 

REMEMBER!!   More is not always better!  I have killed more with fertilizer, than I have helped!

*** Soil Tests are recommended.  Ask your Local Extension Agent about leaf samples and soil samples.  They can also make specific recommendations to your region.




Dosatron's D14 - 14 GPM Series is easy to install, water-powered, 
and includes five different models. Learn more by clicking the
image below and watching our spotlight video. 

The D14 Series is versatile and is used in
many different industries and applications.


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