DripNet PC Thinwall Dripline (25 Mil Drip Tape) #06d63625.4 2600' Roll

DripNet PC Thinwall Dripline (25 Mil Drip Tape) #06d63625.4  2600' Roll
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DripNet PC™, 25 mil, Drip Tape is the thickest weight drip irrigation tape made for multi-season use and is pressure compensating. This tape can be buried as sub-surface irrigation or laid on top of the rows as normal. You can buy the full roll in 2,600' lengths or we custom cut rolls down to 500' and 1,000' rolls.

25 Mil Drip Tape - Heavy Duty - 12" Spacing

2,600' Rolls      Click Here for Full Roll of 500' or 1,000' 

7 gpm per 1,000'    (0.42 GPH per Emitter)         This Tape uses Standard 5/8" Drip Tape Fittings!

DripNet PC is the only true pressure compensating thinwall dripperline available. All drippers deliver precise and equal water applications anywhere in the field irrigating longer runs (up to a quarter-mile long) and undulating fields with high uniformity. Retrievable and reusable, DripNet PC is available at Berry Hill Irrigation today in 25 mil wall thickness, inside tubing diameter of 0.636.

  • Wide regulation pressure range  6 to 30 psi operating range
  • Sub-Surface or Surface installations
  • Multi Season uses
  • Inside Tubing diameter .636"
  • Made in the USA

Excellent for a wide aray of crops including raspberries, strawberries, boysenberries, blueberries, artichokes, hops, alfalfa, potatoes, lettuce, sugar beets, onions and tobacco.


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