Irrometer Service Units. You must have at least ONE to operate your Irrometer(s).

Irrometer Service Units.  You must have at least ONE to operate your Irrometer(s).
IRR SU1001
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The Irrometer Service Unit is necessary for proper installation and maintenance of the instrument.

** You must purchase one of these with your initial order! **

Service Units are designed to aid users in the placement and installation, interpretation of readings, and maintenance of IRROMETER soil moisture indicators. Several helpful items are included in the kit. The primary component of a Service Unit is a small hand vacuum pump. The pump is designed to seal on the reservoir portion of the instrument body and is used to create a vacuum manually, evacuating any air contained in the tensiometer. These instruments function with the greatest accuracy when all air has been removed. One Service Unit will service multiple instruments.             READ BELOW or Click on Link to PDF

-- Standard Service Unit   CAT. NO. 1001

Includes: 1 hand vacuum pump,  1 bottle IRROMETER fluid,  25 monthly chart forms,  1 reference book (available in Spanish on request)

-- Test Pump Service Unit  CAT. NO. 1002

Includes:  Same items as #1001, except hand vacuum pump is equipped with test gauge. 

-- MLT Service Unit CAT. NO. 1007 — Includes: Same items as #1001, except vacuum pump is syringe style.



Taken from the Irrometer Reference Book:

When using the Service Unit:   Apply a strong vacuum to the IRROMETER with the hand vacuum pump. With the filler cap removed, place the suction cup over the reservoir and pump vigorously until a reading of 80-85 shows on the gauge (usually 5 or 6 quick pulls. See page 10 – Hand Vacuum Pump.) At higher elevations, maximum vacuum will be lower (i.e. 70-75 at 4000’ above sea level).

Release the vacuum slowly to avoid gauge damage. Repeat the above procedure to remove air from the gauge, usually 10-15 seconds is sufficient. Replace filler cap by tightening until the neoprene stopper makes contact with reservoir bottom, then turn the cap 1/4 turn. DO NOT overtighten, this can damage the IRROMETER gauge or stopper.

CAUTION for LT & MLT – with Models “LT” and “MLT” carefully pull a vacuum to a reading of 30 to 35 on the gauge and be careful to bleed vacuum slowly. These gauges are very sensitive and can be damaged by a rapid release of vacuum or over-pumping.

MORE ONLINE:  "Please note that for every new set of Irrometers you will need a Service Unit"  READ BELOW or Click on Link to PDF


OPERATING PRINCIPLE: The Service Units provide the IRROMETER user with valuable tools to ensure their soil moisture indicators function accurately and are easily operated and maintained. The hand vacuum pump serves to evacuate entrapped air from the IRROMETER body which optimizes accuracy and response time. This is important for initial installation and also for periodic maintenance purposes, as air may be drawn into the instrument from the soil under normal operating conditions. Viewing of the fluid level in the instrument and refilling is made easier by using the IRROMETER Fluid concentrate to color the fill water. Included Chart Forms provide a convenient way to graph the periodic IRROMETER readings for use when analyzing soil moisture trends. The instruction booklet provides detailed information on unpacking, preparing, installing, servicing and storing IRROMETERS as well as guidance on instrument placement and data interpretation.

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