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Parts - Angled Stakes, Multi Outlet MODS, 11WPSCAP Caps- Netafim - #01adp #01mods #01wpscap

Parts - Angled Stakes, Multi Outlet MODS, 11WPSCAP Caps- Netafim - #01adp #01mods #01wpscap
  • MOD multi outlet pot watering sytem by netafim
  • Caps off the WPC Dripper JR
  • Samples of MOD watering on benches
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11WPSCaps can only be used with the Nipple Jr Emitters (not barb x barb ) #01WPCJLN-B

Arrow Stakes for MOD Dripper Assemblies

  • 4" Short Angle Arrow Dripper Stake
  • 6" Long Angle Arrow Dripper Stake * Most common *
  • Straight Arrow Dripper Stakes

MOD Drippers

  • 4-way MOD Manifold Flat or Stackable
  • 2-way MOD Manifold
  • Old style Brown, 4-way Manifold

by Netafim Irrigation

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Valuable Production Tools

With the growing demands of today’s high production scale operations, hand watering is no longer a viable option. An automated Netafim MOD watering system is the perfect solution.

Higher Crop Values

This results from having a highly uniform top quality crop – which is what to expect when water and fertilizer uniformity are improved. Netafim’s MODs feature both pressure compensation and a built-in check valve. This combination of features (referred to as PCNL) is the highest level of technology available in drippers today. It ensures that every plant will receive exactly the same amount of water and fertilizer regardless of where the plant is located within the system. Each dripper adjusts itself automatically to the system pressure and elevation so that even on rolling or sloped ground, the uniformity of watering is 94%. The built-in check valve prevents unwanted drainage of the system onto the lowest plants when the watering cycle is completed.

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Less Disease

Water on foliage and flowers can spread disease rapidly. By applying water directly to the pot, the rest of the plant remains dry. Additionally, pesticides which are applied to the foliage are not washed off by daily watering. This can reduce the need for spraying – further lowering production costs – and decrease run-off contamination.

Flexible and Portable

The 4-Way Flat manifold separates for easy storage or transport in a box. Since the MOD is removable from the dripper supply tubing and bench, moving in the next crop on an empty bench is quick and easy. The dripper supply tubing (with the dripper attached) can be rolled up without tangling the spaghetti tubes. If a different plant spacing or a different flow per pot is desired, simply change or add a manifold.

Low Cost and Fast Payback

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