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Plastic Mulch Films


All Embossed, High Quality Plastic Mulch Film by Ginegar. Ginegar is well-known plastic mulch made in Israel.  Ginegar's mulch films are advanced multi-layer mulch films that are manufactured using cast extrusion.

This embossed agricultural film has high levels of UV protection, resists tearing, and stretches to fit tightly on beds.  This plastic is much easier to remove at the end of the season.

Our Biodegradable and compostable plastic mulch works with your soil to break down completely and naturally, without any toxic residues. This bio film starts breaking down in approximately 4-5 mos on 0.6 mil. As the leading Biodegradable Mulch Film sold in North America, Bio360 completely and safely breaks down when tilled into the soil.  It's made completely of Mater-Bi, a non genetically modified corn starch.

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Sizes:  36", 42" 48", 54", 60"     Length: 4,000 foot rolls


  • Black
  • White on Black

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Embossed Plastic Mulch comes in rolls of different thickness and colors, depending on your needs, and is laid over your tilled soil and (optional) over your crop watering system.

Advantages for using Embossed Plastic Mulch:

  1. Improved produce quality
  2. Earlier harvest
  3. Reduced weed infestation.
  4. Decrease in disease incidence.
  5. More efficient use of water.
  6. Reduced fertilizer leaching
  7. Possibility of re-use, therefore more crops.
  8. Larger yields
  9. Higher economic returns