Porch Irrigation. Water 15 Baskets and or Pots with little water! Patio-Deck Automatic Watering System. #Kit Container Basket

Porch Irrigation. Water 15 Baskets and or Pots with little water! Patio-Deck Automatic Watering System. #Kit Container Basket
  • Hanging Basket Assemblies with 0.5 gph Dripper
  • Looking up into the roof of porch.
  • All of the Basket Assemblies that hang down are this cream color.
  • Notice how hidden the assembly is from view.
  • Fittings for the Black and White Kit
Kit Basket (BLACK, No Timer)
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Automatically Water Your Porch /  Patio  / Deck  Pots and Hanging Baskets with Ease


Do you have a Patio - Front Porch with Hanging Baskets?

Are you tired of watering by hand?  Tired of asking a neighbor to water for you?

Yes??       Then this is your kit!


     Add a Timer to control the System without another thought!  

    Complete with Professional Drip Irrigation Products!

   Professional products to last for years!  The kit comes with everything that you need but not too much.  It comes with a few repair fittings and is easy to assemble and customize!



1/2" x 100 ft.  Mainline Blue-Stripe Poly Tubing.  (Choose Black or Creamy White)
15 Hanging Basket Drippers    (Weighted Assemblies.  FIFTEEN 24" Long Assemblies      Note: These may be cut shorter or extended with included Joiners.  Use 2 for 14"+ large pots/baskets.)
1 -- Snap-on Tap Adapter and Screen Filter.  Connects Mainline Poly to your Faucet/Hose Bib/ Garden Hose.  Keeps lines clean.
  15  -- 1/2"  J-Clamps   These are clamps with nails to neatly secure your mainline to the deck or porch beams.   *Exchange nail for a vinyl siding screw where necessary.
 3 --  1/2" Tees and securing clamps   Part # TLTEE
10 --   1/2" Elbows and securing clamps  Part # TLELL
 1  -- Card of 10 Goof Plugs   (for mistakes or layout changes)   #MP-1
  1  --  1/2" Coupler   Part # TLCOUP
 2 --  Micro Joiners for 1/4" Lines  Part # Ant 40195
 4 -- Figure-8 End Closures  for Mainline    # Figure-8 1/2
 1 -- Key Punch    #Ant 42315 (make the holes in mainline for emitters)
   Detailed Instructions



  2 Dial Digital Hose Faucet Timer  by Orbit    


This timers allows you to set it and it will do the watering for you. The Start Interval Dial allows ten watering interval options from every 2 hours to once per week. The Duration Dial allows eight watering duration optionsfrom 2 to 120 minutes. It is easy to install and works with any standard hose faucet or hose.

  • Automatic operation conserves water
  • One button sets the time of day.   One button sets the length of watering time
  • Control the water interval  (every other day; every 12 hours; etc)
  • Select any of 10 watering intervals to water from every 2 hours to once per week.


62040 Dual Dial Hose Faucet Freedom Timer from Orbit

8422 Queen Timer:   

Claber # 8422 - Aquauno Logica timer with 15 pre-set Cycles.

  The Logica is the most straightforward timer in the market! With 15 pre-set programs that range from every 6 hours to weekly irrigation you experience effortless programming that saves you time by simply turning the dial to the desired program. Pre-set programs listed within the face panel; no instruction manual needed.

  • Patented circuitry is completely sealed and watertight to prevent damage to electronic parts.
  • Built-in stainless steel filter traps harmful contaminants that could clog or damage valves. Functions with operating pressure as low as 1,45psi up to 174psi.
  • Operates on one 9v battery (not included).
  • Settings include:  2 minutes every 6 hours;   5 minutes every 6 hours
  •    2 minutes every 12 hours,  5 minutes every 12 hours
  •   10 minutes every 12 hours, 15 minutes every 24 hours
  •  60 minutes every 24 hours

Claber Queen Timer, 9V Battery Operated.  Preset, Easiest Timer to use!


  •  We even use 1/2" Mainline so that you will have enough water pressure to water all of your pots and baskets within 100 foot area.
  •  A smaller 1/4" line may just dribble or dump the water all in one spot.   This system will water every pot and basket the same!
  •  Each emitter outputs 0.5 gph!     For extra large pots, run 2 emitters.   
  •  Make a mistake? Change your layout next year?   No problem... goof plugs are included. 

  NOTE:  The White Kit weighs more because of the white mainline.  The black mainline is rolled in a tighter coil and fits in a smaller box than the White mainline tubing.  So you may notice the white kit costs a little bit more to ship than the black kit.

Attn. Customers with Concrete Walls:  A Florida customer shared this alternative with us for the CLJ Clamps included with the Kit.  If you have a concrete wall, he suggested

"using Image result for plastic pvc 2-hole pipe strapsPlastic U-Straps.  I used these plastic straps from the hardware store with concrete screws 3/16 by 1 1/4.  Need to drill first... hammer drill is best if you have one!"

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sandy Briscoe
    I love my irrigation system the we purchased from Berry Hill. My husband installed it and it was so easy. And my Ferns are so happy on my from porch and my covered back deck. And I am happy that I don't have to water them every day.
  • Author: Jennifer Williamson
    I have this kit on my porch at home for my hanging baskets and pots. My plants get so big every year! I added an orbit timer and have used this system now about 5 years. It's easy to install and then I just leave it out all year. I just take the Filter and Timer inside during the winter months.
  • Author: Peter Berggren
    Installed this system on our front porch last weekend. Works great! In a block and stucco house such as ours, the J-clamps provided are useless... I used 1/2" plastic straps with concrete screws instead. See the "Share" section for a photo. Perhaps this kit should offer the necessary parts for installation into concrete, as an option?