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Rhizopan AA #2 Rooting Hormone GREEN Powder, 0.3% IBA, 1 lb.

Rhizopan AA #2 Rooting Hormone GREEN Powder, 0.3% IBA, 1 lb.
Root AA #2
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Green powder, color coated for easy Identification.  Propogate new plants from new kinds of cuttings.

Can be used on House, Foliage, Tropical and Hardy Ornamental Plants, Leaf, Greenwood & Softwood cuttings.




Check out our extensive article about our Rhizopon Rooting Powder by clicking this link.

  • Registered with the US EPA for use in greenhouses and nurseries
  • Acts with the plants own natural rooting hormones to aid in root formation by uniform absorption of the active ingredient.
  • Ready and economical to use. Color coded for easy identification.
  • Used by the Dry Dip Method
  • Approved Label under WPS for zero-hour Re-entry Interval

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