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Snap-On Filters and In-Line Filters by Antelco.

Snap-On Filters and In-Line Filters by Antelco.
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  • antelco filter with ratchet clamps
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  • antelco filter with ratchet clamps
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ANT 44365
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This is a filtration device designed to trap foreign particles in the water and reduce clogging of emitters.  Antelco® Filters include an 80 Mesh Screen. They are easy to take apart for cleaning.  

Clean every 2-6 weeks, depending on the quality of your water.   (Tap adapter sold separately - See Drop Down Above)

  • In-Line model with single barb inlet and outlet.
  • Snap-On model for direct connection to standard tap adaptors (sold separately).
  • 80 mesh screen filter.
  • Easily taken apart for cleaning.
  • Effective compact filter with minimal flow loss.
  • Purchase Ratchet Clamps Here (added protection for higher pressures)
For low pressure (up to 45 psi) micro irrigation systems.
The ones that say '16mm' and come with the PRO Kits, are the ones that  fit our 1/2" Poly Blue-Stripe Mainline.  Please call if you have any concerns.
Our 1/2" BlueStripe is .600 x .700
The Starter Kits and 13 mm fittings/filters fit a .500 x .600 Tubing

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