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TRIDENT 3A Misting Controller, Single Zone Mist or Water

TRIDENT 3A Misting Controller, Single Zone Mist or Water
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Trident T3A Single Zone Controller

The next generation of high-performance, low-power controller technology from Phytotronics

ThTrident Single Zone Mist Controller is a programmable, state of the art device complete with a 24-hour digital clock and 8 programmable events to adjust controller time cycles. Exposure to moisture and chemicals is never an issue, as the controller is enclosed in a sturdy, non-metallic material and UV protected. Controlling your Trident Single Zone Mist Controller is simple, efficient and smart. Enjoy the ease of controlling seconds/minutes, minutes/minutes, and minutes/hours with the flip of a switch. The Trident Single Zone Mist Controller also boasts a 2 to 60 second or minute ON time, and 2 to 180 minute or hour OFF time.

The Trident Single Zone Mist Controller is designed by growers, for growers.  Easy user interface, outstanding reliability and set-and-forget programming bring you unprecedented peace of mind.


  • 2 seconds ON, 60 seconds or minutes OFF,  to 2 minutes to 180 minutes or hour OFF
  • 24 hour clock and 8 programming event, giving almost endless ON and OFF options
  • 2 to 60 second ON time. 2 to 180 minute or hour OFF time.
  • ON and OFF LEDs show ON/OFF times whenprogramming and when controller is in use.
  • Toggle switch to select ON/OFF time mode,second/minute, minute/minute and minute/hour


  • Sturdy non-metallic enclosure, UV protected, resists moisture and chemicals
  • Toggle switch to select ON/OFF time mode, second/minute, minute/minute, and minute/hour
  • 2-to 60-second or minute ON time, and 2-to 180-minute or hour OFF time
  • Extra bright LEDs show ON/OFF times when programing and when controller is in use
  • 24 hour digital clock, with 8 programmable events to turn controller off
  • Includes 24 VAC plug-in Transformer and 20’ cord
  • 2 year warranty

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