TwistIIClean 1 1/2" Inline Water Filter

TwistIIClean 1 1/2" Inline Water Filter
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TwistIIClean is an easy to use sediment filter for home use. It can remove sand, sediment, and organics from the incoming water supply.

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Easy to Use.   Just TWIST to CLEAN!

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When sand gets inside a residential water supply it can cause damage to plumbing fixtures, clothes washers, etc. Not to mention clog filters and leave sediment in water, ice, the bathtub or the toilet. LAKOS can prevent this in several ways. If the water supply comes from a water well, a LAKOS Separator can be installed in the well, preventing sand from ever entering the water system. Or the LAKOS Separator can be installed above ground, piped in before the water pressure tank. These above ground units can be ordered ONLINE directly from LAKOS.



What Filter Size to choose?   The main criteria for selecting the correct filter size is flow rate, not pipe size. LAKOS TwistIIClean filters are designed to operate in the following flow ranges:
T2C-075 (3/4”):  0-25 US GPM
T2C-100 (1”): 0-39 US GPM
T2C-150 (1 ½”):  0-78 US GPM
Pipe fitting adapters can be used with LAKOS TwistIIClean filters to accommodate the size of your water supply pipe size. More details about selecting the right size filter, including filter specifications, is shown in LAKOS Publication LS-870.

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