XCEL High Angle Wobblers by Senninger. Offers uniformity over a large area due to its counter-balance design. Resists wind drifts.

XCEL High Angle Wobblers by Senninger.  Offers uniformity over a large area due to its counter-balance design.  Resists wind drifts.
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HIGH ANGLE Off-Center Rotary-Action Sprinkler

With its maximized area of coverage, it is ideal for under-tree applications and nursery canopy applications.  This is an impressive sprinkler that will throw 34 feet at only 10 psi water pressure!

Made of  high-impact grade thermoplastics.

Senninger’s Xcel-Wobbler maximizes the area of coverage. Its unique off-center rotary-action provides extremely uniform coverage at low pressures with minimal evaporative loss. 

The larger area of instantaneous application of the Xcel-Wobbler minimizes the impact on the soil structure, helping to maintain infiltration capability.



• New balanced design produces smooth, stable performance.

• Only one moving part for longer life.

• Inlet sizes 1/2”or 3/4” NPT male.  1/2" size is special order, please mention when ordering.

• Flow rates: 0.78 to 6.97 gpm            (180 to 1584 L/hr)       MAX PSI: 30 PSI

• Low wind drift and evaporative loss  at low pressures.

• Built for strength and durability using high-impact engineering-grade  thermoplastics, no metal parts.

• Two-year warranty on materials, workmanship AND performance.

• Color-coded nozzles for easy size identification /warranted to maintain correct orifice size for five years 

FOR ROOTING or LETTUCE BEDS, 30' x 30' SPACING is Recommended.     Stagger your Wobbler Stands if using in multiple blocks / rows. 


ROOT DEVELOPMENT Uneven crop is usually the result of a lack of irrigation uniformity. Other irrigation systems concentrate water over a small area so root development may be restricted by the limited area wetted. While these systems are adequate during the first three years of tree growth, older trees have larger and more extensive root systems that benefit from sprinkler irrigation. Roots normally extend far beyond the branch tips, so the application pattern of a sprinkler can easily deliver water to the entire root zone. This helps mature trees improve their yield, fruit sizing, and tree vigor. 

Sprinklers are designed for overlapping coverage. Efficient spacing begins with an understanding of water distribution. Sprinklers are designed to irrigate at specific flow rates and reach certain diameters of coverage. To obtain maximum efficiency avoid over or under watering, the system design must work within the sprinkler manufacturer’s parameters. The application rate of these overlapping sprinklers can be tailored to your soil and crop needs.

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