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Bird Netting 16.5 x 315. Control pests naturally.

Bird Netting 16.5 x 315. Control pests naturally.
Bird Netting
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Protect your crop organically with Bird Netting.  This roll is white and measures 5 Meters x 100 Meters, weighs about 50 lbs.  The netting has a 3/4" Diamond Pattern Mesh.

1 Roll Size: #FIOIBL5X100  5 Meters x 100 Meters (16.5' x 315')  $245.00   10+ Rolls $212.50   

ProtekNet sidewall net has been created for vines to protect grapes against birds, hail, wind, and heavy rain.  This kind of net is less expensive and easier to set up than nets that cover the row completely. 

*Lifespan is approximate and conditional on storage, climate and handling conditions.

  • High Density Polyethylene Net
  • Weight: 55gr / m ²   
  • Weight: 0.137oz / ft²  (40 gr / m²)
  • U.V. Treated
  • 5mm x 3mm Triangle Pattern Mesh
  • Reinforced Edge
  • Colors: White
  • Lifespan: 10 seasons
  • Ideal to protect grapes against wasps, ladybugs, Japanese beetle, birds, hail, and wind
  • Quick and easy installation

We are using it here and it's wonderful!!   It wraps around the vines!   This is high quality netting.  Watch our You Tube Video~~     This picture was taken here on our Grapes.

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