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Greenhouse Plastic by Armando Alvarez. 6 Mil, 4 Year UV Clear Film

Greenhouse Plastic by Armando Alvarez.  6 Mil, 4 Year UV Clear Film
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SPR Agri and the Armando Alvarez Group have been making Greenhouse film for 60 years!

Be certain when measuring, to Measure the HOOP OF THE GREENHOUSE and not the square footage.

Call one our drip specialists to help confirm you get the right size clear plastic film for your greenhouse. 

Then, they can provide a shipping quote, too, which are not available online.   Call to Order -- 434 374 5555

6 Mil UV Clear Film
GH  24' X 105' SHEET     $225.00
GH  36' X 105' SHEET     $273.00
GH  42' X 105' SHEET     $406.00
GH  48' X 105' SHEET     $463.50



Without a doubt this is the most important new element in protected crops, and the one with the most interesting future. Traditionally, the only protection element regularly used for fruit trees was mesh, but recently, increasingly more fruit trees are being covered with films or with a combination of films and mesh. The size of the trees to be covered, as well as the specific work entailed by each crop, influence the design and material of the protective structure, and these in turn, the final features of the film. This is why these cover films are special, thanks to their influence on crop performance while at the same time to their resistance to adverse weather events. -Better ratio of marketable fruit. -Higher production (10-25%). -Possibility to advance or delay crop harvest. -Protection from rain, hail, wind, etc. -Plastic sheet designed to fit the structure. -Water conservation.


MATERIAL               plastic

APPLICATION         for greenhouse


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