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Miracle Tie Tape for Standard Size Gun (Fits HTB2, HT-R2, HT-R45L)

Miracle Tie Tape for Standard Size Gun  (Fits HTB2, HT-R2, HT-R45L)
  • Max Tapener Tape Tubes and Rolls
  • Miracle Tie
  • Holds Blackberries, Tomatoes and Grapes
  • Duplin Vineyards
Max 3400 6 PACK
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Miracle Tie Green Tape for Max HT-B2 and newer model, HT-R2, HT-R45L (OR) Tapener Gun.  Designed to stretch with growth and won't girdle the tree.

Why buy this brand Tape?  Made in USA

How is it different?    Our formulation of the plastic uses more rubberizers and plasticizers to ensure the tie retains its long lasting stretch and strength. The largest competitors today are now supplying tape made in China or Taiwan. It does not have the long lasting stretch - if it stretches much at all.


.004 MIL (300')
Ideal for small plants and light tying. Preferred for budding and grafting pecans, citrus, grapes, persimmons, avocados, and stone fruits.
.006 MIL (200')
Great for 5 gallon trees and plants. Popular for tying grapevines. Also used for budding and grafting.


.008 MIL (150')
Popular for use with 15 gallon trees and tying heavier canes on grapes and berries. Never girdles yet lasts for years.

#3409  WHITE  .009 MIL x 140 FT 1/2" White Embossed Agricultural Tie





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