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Poly Planter Jr Seeder (the original) sows seeds in bare ground or plastic mulch. FREE SHIPPING

Poly Planter Jr Seeder (the original) sows seeds in bare ground or plastic mulch. FREE SHIPPING
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     Designed in the USA, the PolyPlanter JR 3.0 is a hand seeder that enables you to sow numerous seeds through plastic and on bare ground. You can plant seeds as small as coated lettuce and as large as lima beans.  One person can plant an entire field using this planter!

     This is the original seeder, invented and designed in America by Ferris Farms, not a cheap copy.   They have spent years developing this seeder and improving it each year.   We are very impressed with the Polyplanter Jr and you will be too!

   Click here for the PolyPlanter Jr You Tube Video  for answers to  your questions!   Click Here for Customer Videos - made by one of our happy customers!   Call a salesman if you have further questions about which one to order! 
What is different about the models?
  • 7 head and 10 head includes 10 Basic Seed Plates   (Watch Q & A Video for plate differences)
  • 12 head includes 10 Basic Seed Plates and all Add-Ons**

10 head..........Plants at a 6" Spacing      7 head.......Plants at a 8.75" Spacing

The 7 & 10 Head Poly Planter Jr comes ready to plant with a Seed Cup for Sed Removal and 10 Basic Seed Plates:  Green Beans, Corn, Sweet Corn, Peas, Soybeans, any large round seed and all pelletized seeds.  (More Plates are available - see Drop Down above.) 

12 head Everything.......... Plants at a 5" Spacing and includes all Add-Ons**

The 12 Head Everything includes many seed plates and Conversion Spacers to change Seeder to a 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2 head.  Includes:  Seed Cup for Seed Removal, 10 basic seed plates, 3 Small Seed Singulators (aka Cabbage Plates), Pair of Cucumber plates and Depth Spacers.     **The add-ons are the top plates, spacer plates, cucumber plates, the muskmelon plate and the three plates with the insert for small seeds.


  • This is the original Polyplanter, Jr. designed in Pennsylvania by Ferris Farms. Made from hard, durable plastic.  
  • Easy to push at a nice, comfortable walking speed.
  • ACCESSORIES can also be ordered in drop down menu above!
  • Free Shipping to the 48 US Contingous States. Lightweight - less than 25 lbs so anyone can carry it and push it down the row!
  • The Polyplanter Junior is a hand seeder that can be used by one person.
  • The Juniors will enable you to sow numerous seeds through plastic and on bare ground.
  • You can plant seeds as small as coated lettuce and as large as lima beans.
  • You can plant 1 seed per drop or 2 seeds per drop. 
  • Adjustable in row spacing from 5" to 25" by adjusting the beaks or an add-on kit. This takes about 20 minutes to do.


Latest Improvements:
  1. We have an insert that comes with three plates for very small seeds.
  2. A second piece can be added to make it plant shallower.
  3. It is easier to change the head from one spacing to another.
  4. A part has been added to the interior to give it a better drop of the seed into the catch mechanism.
  5. The seed hopper is made out of a much tougher plastic.
  6. Seed cups are now included for easy seed removal when you're done planting.
  7. The 3.0 is definitely a better model, better seed accuracy and better control to plant seed in center of hole.
Basic seed plates can plant are green beans, corn, sweet corn, peas, soybeans, any large round seed, and all pelletized seeds.
   The seed plates with small round divets are for pelletized seeds.
Each planter now comes with a Seed Cup.  That makes it so much easier to remove seeds.
The three seed plates on the left are for small seeds like cabbage plus any type of palletized seeds like lettuce and kale or flower seeds. They fit into the insert on the right and than that insert fits into the planter thus cingulating your small seeds.

Add-Ons for the 12 Head -- These Items are also sold Separately: 

  1. The Small Seed Singulator Kit (Cabbage, Lettuce, etc) comes with 3 seed plates and the insert 
  2. The Depth Spacer (AKA top plate) is used for more shallow plantings.  These are needed for seeds like cabbage and pelleted lettuce seed.  Order one per head (7 for a 7 head etc).
  3. 2 cucumber plates. Use the small one for pickling cucumbers.  Use the larger for slicers.
  4. Single Muskmelon Plate (Commonly Athena melons)
  5. Single Zuchinni Plate

Why is it better than the Earthway Seeder?  This Polyplanter Jr 3 pushes so much easier than an Earthway planter, especially for use on bare ground, this  It's also easier to control where it goes!


Spacings possible with Head conversion kits: 

  • 12 Head   5"
  • 10 Head   6"
  • 8 Head    7.5"
  • 7 Head   8.75"
  • 6 Head   9.75"
  • 5 Head   11.5"

Included with every Seeder:

10 Basic Seed Plates work for most everything.... from pelleted up to peanut

Click here for Video on Choosing the Correct Seed Plate.


  • Shipping Notes:  Free to the 48 US Contingent States only  -- For Shipping elsewhere, please place the order & request a shipping quote or send an email through our Contact Us page. 
  • Our Shopping Cart works best if you order all the Poly Planter Jrs and the parts separately because of the Free Shipping.  If ordering this item along with other Irrigation parts, the Cart may behave better as a separate order. 
  • Feel Free to call, chat or email for a Quote or questions on how to order Any item!


Click for Video:

Video of the planter Dropping Seed

Link to Video of our Customer's page:  Sweet Thistle Farms using Poly Planter Jr

See Sweet Thisle's end results here!


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