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**AVAILABLE AUGUST**1/2" Impact full Circle 2.20 GPM, Adjustable #D-NET 8550-ADJ

**AVAILABLE AUGUST**1/2" Impact full Circle 2.20 GPM, Adjustable #D-NET 8550-ADJ
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WHY D-Net™ 8550 AA?

  • Road guard: A simple adjustable arc enables to modify manually, the sprinkler from 360 degrees to any part-circle watering, for irrigation on the edges of the field.
  • High water distribution uniformity & Higher yield: Innovative 3D diffusion arm, ensures excellent water distribution uniformity and no under-watered spots, resulting uniform crop yields.
  • Special design of the D-Net™ 8550 AA, guarantees maximum water-use efficiency.
  • Extended product life: D-Net ™ 8550 AA has a special design that makes the sprinkler resistant to wear and ensures high performance throughout the long product life.
  • Reduced labor cost & Easy maintenance: Versatile installation. Can be installed on solid sets or on removable field stands.
  • Easy to maintain. A special nozzle key is designed to allow simple cleaning of the nozzles.
  • D-Net™ 8550 AA is made of UV-protected materials, making it durable under all climate conditions and with any applied.


  • 1/2" Impact sprinkler with unique 3D arm and Adjustable Arc, for part circle coverage irrigation
  • 2 different flow rates: 500, 630 L/H
  • Nominal flow rate at: 2.5 bar
  • Recommended pressure range: 2.0 - 3.0 b bar
  • Water Trajectory angle: 24 Degrees
  • Water distribution is achieved by a single front nozzle and the setup of the adjustable arc.
  • 1 types of inlet connector: 1/2” male threaded

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