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**AVAILABLE AUGUST** 1/2" Impact Full Circle Sprinkler by Netafim #D-NET 8550

**AVAILABLE AUGUST** 1/2" Impact Full Circle Sprinkler by Netafim #D-NET 8550
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D-NET™ 8550 1/2" Impact Sprinkler Durable impact sprinkler for field crops and vegetable irrigation.

D-NET™ 8850 1/2" impact sprinklers, with 3D diffusion arm, guarantees excellt crop uniformity for field crops and vegetable irrigation, with sprinkler spacing up to 12x13 meters. Precise and water-efficient distribution also offers an ideal solution for crop germination and orchard cooling.

  • Superbly uniform water distribution with maximum water-use efficiency. 
  • Long-lasting performance and labor-saving maintenance. 

Application: Irrigation           

Pressure: Low, Medium

Coverage Type: Full Coverage: Low, spacing installation Medium, spacing installation               

Crop type: field crops

Trajectory angle: normal 


Why D-NET™ 8550?

  • High and uniform yields: Innovative 3D diffusion arm ensures the highest level of water distribution uniformity in the market, for more consistent production and higher crop yields.
  • Greater water efficiency: Outstanding water distribution uniformity eliminates over watering and optimizes water usage.
  • Long-lasting performance: Tough UV-protected materials withstand all climate conditions, applied nutrients and chemicals ensuring trouble-free operation over the product's life
  • Versatile installation: Installs on solid sets or on removeable field stands
  • Labor-saving maintenance: Special nozzle-key is designed to make it easy to clean debris from the nozzle even under pressure


  • Variety of nominal flow rates: 510, 580, 680, 810, 940, 1135, 1275 l/h
  • Nominal flow rates at 2.5 bar pressure
  • Recommended working pressure: 2.0 to 3.0 bar (at the sprinkler head).
  • Water trajectory angle: 24 degrees
  • Inlet connection: 1/2" male threaded
  • Color-coded nozzles for easy identification



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