10 Mil 5/8" T-Tape (6,000 Ft Rolls) Medium Weight.

10 Mil 5/8" T-Tape (6,000 Ft Rolls) Medium Weight.
  • Crops in a High Tunnel
  • Flow Rate Chart for T-Tape
  • Drip Tape connected to mailine with 420BV-06-LS
T-TAPE 510 08 670
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     T-Tape recommends this tape for minimum tilled soils, double cropping, heavier tilled soils, or where more resistance to abrasion and insect damage is desired. Used in peppers, tomatoes, melons and vegetable crops.

      10 mil is also a good option for potted or planted perennials.    Minimum tilled soils, double cropping or where more resistance to abrasion and insect damage is desired. 

One of the most recognized and trusted drip tape brands in the world.   (NOTE:   Only the 510-12-450 T-Tape will come with a white stripe.  The other 10 Mil spacings & flows will not have a white stripe.)

T-Tape helps reduce water consumption, increase crop quality, and increased crop yields.    Install T-Tape on the ground, under plastic, or even subsurface. Because of T-Tape’s material strength, design, and quality production standards, it’s the drip tape that you can count on year after year.

  **  5/8" Standard Size Drip Tape

 Made in the USA!


 FAQ:  How much drip tape can I run at one time on a garden hose?    How much water is this putting out?

The Flow of your drip tape is the 3rd set of numbers in the Model #.  This number is stated in GPM per every 100' of tape that you run.

EXAMPLE:  EA5081245-7500   This tape puts out .45 gpm for every 100 feet that you run.   OR  4.5 gpm for every 1,000' of tape that you run.

TRY IT :     --- I have 12 gpm of water coming out of your garden hose at the field/plot.   Therefore, I can run 2,666 feet of drip tape at one time.  (MATH: 12 divided by .45= 26.666   x 100 feet = 2,666 feet)

--- I have 14 gpm of water  "   "    " ...    Therefore, I can run 3,111 feet of drip tape at one time.

Take your Flow  (.22, .34, .45, .67, 1.34 and divide it into your GPM.  Multiply that # x 100 feet.

How do you figure your GPM ?   Take your garden hose close to your garden plot or field.  Run it for approx 2 minutes.   Then time yourself filling up a 5 gpm.  How long did it take? 30 seconds would mean you roughly have 10 gpm.


Drip Tape needs 6 PSI to work properly; and not more than 12 PSI or it will split.

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